PLANET second General Assembly and Advisory Board virtual meeting took place virtually on 20th and 21st of October, with more than 50 consortium members participating in it.

On 20th of October Inlecom as Project Coordinator, started PLANET’s second General Assembly series of presentations with a brief overview of PLANET project status and most important results, as well as the planned actions and milestones for the second year of the project. Following that, the first set of presentations focused mainly on outlining the vision and objectives of WP1 and explaining in detail the concept of the EU-Global T&L Network (EGTN). The WP1 overview ended with partners presenting PLANET’s integrated modelling capability and Position Papers key findings.  In the second part of the meeting, WP2 task leaders introduced the EGTN platform, along with its value proposition and innovation dimension, which consists of a unique combination of technologies and models taking one step closer to the realization of the Physical Internet (PI). More specifically, Inlecom as task leader for designing and developing the open EGTN infrastructure presented EGTN data ingestion, its infrastructure interactions, and the deployment of its cloud components. The rest of WP2 presentations elaborated on the Support Services based on Big Data analytics models, Multi-Actor Multi-Criteria Analysis Decision Support Services, the Unified Human-Machine Interfaces and the Blockchain and Smart Contracts as critical enablers for seamless global trade flows. PLANET’s GA 3rd session was dedicated to the project Living Labs showcasing their respective business cases and progress. Finally, the last part of the event focused on WPs  4, 5 and 6, which covered: Steering innovation & building capacity towards EGTN; the Observations and Recommendations of the Advisory Board; the Dissemination and Communication Activities and lastly, the progress of the Innovation Management work stream, explaining the ongoing PLANET’s innovative outputs and the way forward of patent filling process.

On 21st of October, the second virtual meeting with PLANET’s Advisory Board took place. The agenda included both presentations from PLANET’s consortium members and interactive discussions sessions between Advisory Board members and the project partners, after each presentation. More specifically, the virtual event started with PLANET’s introduction of Integrated Green EU-Global T&L Network concept and continued with a presentation about the Geo-economics impact of new trade routes for Europe & TEN-T corridors and nodes. The second part of the event included presentations of PLANET’s 2nd Living Lab (China–Rotterdam/USA) business scenarios and key achievements and concluded with project’s EGTN platform predictive and optimization analytics, which include forecasting services for Transport & Logistics actors and the smart contracts architecture.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement No 860274.