Human Capital

  • Our qualified team is composed of multidisciplinary professionals,  with outstanding experience in large-scale project and innovation management, execution and delivery.
  • Collective approach in all organisation activities and operations.
  • Our organisation is interested in promoting gender equality and in finding solutions to improve the career trajectories of all employees.

Highly experienced certified professionals

Gender Equality Plan

INLECOM is committed to the principles of gender equality in all aspects of our work, and have a formal gender quality policy on file, implemented throughout the company, which is monitored regularly to ensure gender balance in all aspects of our work including recruitment, gender balance in all management level positions, associated organisational decision making, in the operational execution of projects, and in team/project planning.

Human Resources Policies

The goal of our policies is to set the principles of gender equality under which INLECOM create programmes, processes and practices towards company’s vision and to ensure that gender equality and women’s empowerment are central to our organisation. Transparency and trust, active management support and agility are key factors towards the creation of a safe and equal working environment for women, which in turn promote efficiency, effectiveness and successful outcomes.

Work Life Balance

INLECOM has been actively promoting flexibility in terms of working hours and conditions. Due to its multinational team, teleworking has been always an option for the employees facilitating their daily lives and the balance between work and family. At the same time, the company is continuously working towards reducing bureaucracy which leads to unnecessary time spent on procedural issues by simplifying these processes.

Inclusive Leadership and Decision Making

We believe in the ability of women to freely unlock their career prospects and become leaders thus building on their confidence. Dealing with the necessary trust and security issues throughout its transparent operational procedures and monitoring tools, the organisation offers continuous gender balance and equality in all its leadership and decision-making processes.

Recruitment and Career Progression

Recruitment of women within the organisation has maintained a management focus over the years, evidenced by a positive gender balance achieved across all INLECOM labs and teams today. The senior management team also pay close attention to equal opportunities at all levels of the organisation, with clear definition of roles and promotion criteria that factors in gender imperatives in all aspects of both recruitment and promotions.

Integration of the Gender Dimension in Research

Our organisation takes into account gender dimensions and properties, ensuring that our solutions are not gendered biased, improving the scientific quality and societal relevance of our projects’ results including developing and testing prototypes where potential sex and gender differences are always considered.