Travelling is a complicated part of our daily lives, as we have to use different tools to find information for planning and conducting trips. Citizens will not give up private automobiles as their preferred mode of transportation unless they are offered a service that provides equal sense of convenience, reliability and flexibility. The MaaS concept removes many of these user-related pain points and envisages a service that offers travellers seamless mobility, easy access to different transport modes based on their needs, relief from the unforeseen costs and unavailability associated with owning a car while still having access to one, and control over travel time and costs.


Living Labs

MaaS4EU provides a design method and a MaaS platform supporting a unified approach towards ITS addressing the following 4 pillars:

· The Business by defining a sustainable business model that supports the cooperation across transport stakeholders

· The End-Users by defining user needs and choices

· The technology by implementing the required technological infrastructure that derived from both the business models and the end-user needs

· The policy by identifying the enabling policy and regulatory frameworks that are imperatives for a successful MaaS Solution

The project will deliver a functional MaaS solution via a single platform in 3 real-life, complementary pilot cases, demonstrating the concept in urban, intercity and cross-border trips at 3 EU areas (UK, LUX-DE, HU).

The consortium disposes all necessary competencies and has been formed to be able to handle all tasks involved in the project, consisting of 17 partners from 9 countries, among them leading industries, renowned research institutions, transport authorities and operators, consultants and one ministry of transport.