Situational awareness accross the supply chain

With 90% of world trade being transported by sea it has never been more important to make cargo-related data flow as freely as the physical cargo itself. However, the data for end-to-end supply chains are scattered across the globe. Looking at the entire chain is usually too complex and costly for individual businesses, which means they miss out on commercial opportunities.


Common Framework

The project used the Common Framework supporting interoperability between ICT systems in logistics and deployed a three-layer architecture based on:

  • Aggregating data from multiple sources without requiring changes to the underlying IT systems;
    Standardising data so that it could be processed by value-added services, independent of its original source and format;
    Consolidating data to create on-time, qualified and de-rived information that could support operational deci-sions by delivering the right information to the right person, at the right time, in a user-friendly way.


Pilots & Benefits

  • The COMCIS project ended in September 2013, but the ideas and technologies continue to be developed by the participants.
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