Innovation management approaches at Inlecom look at the management of innovation and change, as it applies to solutions, products, applications, business process and ideas. The end goal is to allow the client to swiftly respond to external or internal opportunities, and to use their unique creativity and ability to advance new ideas, processes, solutions or products.

Inlecom assist clients tap in to the unique and creative capabilities of the client’s team and staff, with the end goal of improving and advancing the growth and development of the client’s organisation. Innovation management tools used include conceptual prototyping, knowledge mapping, and market intelligence techniques.

Our stated end goal is to help our clients see results that can be both exploited and commercialised.

IMM Method

Underpinnedby CEN/TS 16555

When acting as the Innovation Manager on client projects, Inlecom typically applies the Inlecom Innovation Management Method (IMM) and coordinates the work of the team as well as third parties, advisory boards, identified industry experts and expert practitioners.

IMM is underpinned by CEN/TS 16555 standards and a structured innovation management system, method and process to assist clients. IMM guides the implementation of key business processes imperatives such as planning for innovation success and fostering innovation enablers.


Tailored toclient's needs

  • Understanding the unique context and creative abilities of the client
  • Enlisting the support and commitment of executive management
  • Recommending and fostering innovation enablers, innovation management tools and methodologies
  • Mapping out an innovation agenda and planning for innovation success
  • Defining the Innovation Management Process (IMP)
  • Generation of new ideas and innovation that could lead to new products or services
  • Measuring and evaluating the performance of the Innovation Management System (IMS)
  • Reporting on IMP and IMS progress
  • Implementation and market monitoring to quantify the impact of the innovation

IP Protection


Collectively, Inlecom’s staff are credited with hundreds of successful EU, US and World Wide patent filings and issuances over many years, across a broad range of domains such as cloud, security, big data, analytics, IoT, cognitive computing, ICT platforms, solutions and applications. Typically, Inlecom clients wish to identify, manage and protect their innovation and most valuable intellectual property.

In so doing, this affords the client the important aspects of freedom of use and exploitation of the solutions and technologies that they develop, as well as a competitive advantage through formal patents that disallow third parties from copying or duplicating their core strategic innovation.

Inlecom provide assistance to our clients by helping them identify the patentable concepts in their products, solutions and applications.

With a knowledge of the background art Inlecom can then guide the client in a patent application that aims to protect the client’s innovation whilst at the same time not infringing on related and/or background art, in turn increasing the probability of success for the patent application. Once the core of the invention and inventive steps have been agreed, Inlecom will engage an appropriate IP attorney to help draft a formal patent application.

Inlecom help addressing office actions required. Eventually the patent application is granted when patentability criteria are met, in turn leading to and issued (granted) and enforceable patent.

Inlecom’s staff have also helped in filing anticipatory patents, representing strategic innovation that has being conceived, but not yet implemented by the client. This allows the client to advance-protect important and strategic innovation early, and before third parties have an opportunity to develop IP in the respective space.