Internet of Things

Inlecom have consulted on several client IoT projects, and helped to address the inter-networking of physical devices, entities, buildings, and other artefacts embedded with electronics and software and supporting sensors, actuators, and network connectivity to allow for the generation, collect, exchange, recording and analysing of information.

We support and enable our clients to provide improved and/or advanced services through interconnecting (physical and virtual) “things” based on existing and evolving interoperable information and communication technologies.

Big Data & Analytics

Exploiting datafrom devices

The power of Big Data Analytics and machine learning algorithms can only be harvested if it is linked to intelligent connectivity of information sources and new insights are targeting operational excellence goals or  competitive innovations.

Typically, in Inlecom client IoT projects, Big Data and Analytics go hand in hand with IoT, as large numbers of devices generate peta-bytes of information that need to be analysed by the client in real time and in support of decision control and decision support systems required by the client. Owed to this, Inlecom have built an established profile and experience in IoT, Big Data and Analytics over the last 10 years.

Case studies