Identifying high-risk containers

Through exploiting appropriate IoT security sensors, both monitoring and tracking data are fused with additional information sources in order to identify high-risk containers that require increased monitoring and investigation.

To ensure adoption by stakeholders, the solutions balances costs with benefits for the parties that adopt the necessary upgrading of their processes.


EU Surveillance Framework

The cornerstone of the CONTAIN approach is an EU Surveillance Framework (ECSF) which supports an upgraded Big Data Container Monitoring Solution capable of providing permanent and reliable localisation as well as information on the integrity and content of containers. An accompanying Situational Awareness Support Platform (SASP) facilitates the plug and play of innovative, configurable and highly automated distributed information management and analytics applications, in turn guaranteeing and safeguarding the information chain on container movements at sea and on land that impact on security, border control, the environment and European trade and economic interests.


Decision Support

The CONTAIN Decision Support Services (CDSS) exploits the extended container monitoring and tracking information recorded in aggregated Big Data repositories, and leveraging complex data analytics and software algorithms to optimise container transport related processes both in terms of security performance and efficiency and quality of container transport services.

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