INLECOM was present at the European Robotics Forum (ERF) 2018 that was held in Tampere (Finland) on the 13rd-15th March 2018. INLECOM was the organiser of a technical workshop on “Requirements over highway inspection and outcomes of recent projects”. The session was organised in cooperation with the “Robotics for Inspection and Maintenance” Working Group of ERF (headed by SINTEF, Norway) and the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (Greece). The session was dedicated on robotic solutions for civil inspection of the transport infrastructures from an industrial and research perspective. The workshop presentations focused on industrial, transport requirements for infrastructure inspection (highways and rail systems), Robotics and autonomy for inspection and maintenance, Mobile robotic systems from an SME standpoint, Robotic Manipulators and Arms for Civil Inspection and more. The session was attended by about 70 people from the robotics industry but also several industrial technology up-takers (transport, oil & gas, nuclear etc) where the significance of robotics solutions for critical infrastructures inspection as well as further research challenges were highlighted.