INLECOM invited to explore business development opportunities in China. Yash Chadha, INLECOM’s Director of International Projects has spent 2 weeks in China participating with regional authorities, innovation parks and private companies seeking to explore innovative solutions in the Chinese market, and improved trading opportunities to and from Europe.

INLECOM is developing new products based on outputs from its research programmes and the Chinese collaboration brings new opportunities and interesting challenges. Past and current FP7 and H2020 projects covering single and multimodal collaboration ideas were presented as well as general business discussions.

To complete the trading opportunities, Yash Chadha also joined other invited European companies in joint discussions with Chinese counterparts, and extended discussions and exchanges in ideas to cover areas such smart cities, free trade zones and financial instruments within supply chain.

If you would like to collaborate with Inlecom in Europe or China, contact Yash Chadha,