Core competencies

Project Management, Governance & OPEX

End to end life cycle management of ICT projects, from concept to design to implementation through to testing in real world environments.


Solution Design, Prototyping & POCs

Delivery of numerous ICT projects, solutions and POCs, following trusted design and development principles and established software engineering methodologies.

Agile methodologies

Security & Compliance

Implementing cyber-physical security with responsible practices and innovative technologies in many sectors. Special focus on data privacy, data protection and regulatory compliance.


Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud

Over 20 years of experience in building cloud based solutions and applications for SMEs and Enterprises.


IoT, Analytics & Big Data

Inter-networking of physical devices and artefacts embedded with electronics and software for the collection, exchange, and analysis of information.

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Innovation Management & Patent Filings

Experience in all aspects of innovation management and IP Protection.


Business Transformation

Consultancy in making and guiding fundamental changes in how the client’s business is conducted, facilitated by IT solutions.


Knowledge Management & Knowledge Graphs

Inlecom has invested and grown significant expertise in fundamental areas such as ontologies, vocabularies, taxonomies and knowledge graphs.

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Basic & Applied Research

Proven track record in coordinating and delivering large scale European Research and Innovation projects across multiple technology domains.

projects portfolio

Thinking digital.

Inlecom is a European SME with offices and consultants in Brussels, UK, Athens, Ireland Spain, and Italy. Originally established in 1996 with the seminal charter of promoting innovative Information Learning and Communication Solutions, Inlecom has since expanded upon these foundational competencies over the last 20 years. 

About us


We have a proven track record in coordinating and delivering large scale European R&I projects across multiple technology domains. Today, Inlecom enjoys partnerships with enterprises and organisations in Europe and beyond.


Inlecom Business Ecosystems Platform

Inlecom’s Business Ecosystems Platform provides business communities a digital platform that supports and enables conventional and “next generation collaborative business applications”. The platform enables resources and assets to be shared in real time within the business, as well as in B2B and B2C contexts where required (e.g. business models, ontologies, services, APIs, data, training modules, etc.). The platform comprises ‘out of the box’ feature rich technologies that enable businesses and communities to create and maintain innovative collaborative environments. These environments are build and deployed as Inlecom Community Nodes (ICNs) and populated by software components, digital libraries, software applications, software services, as well as associated providers and consumers.

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SELIS EU Lighthouse Project

SELIS project – Towards a Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space, unifies business, technology and capacity innovation for Green Logistics in order to deliver a Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space with a clear path towards 30% reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. An exceptionally strong consortium of 38 European logistics stakeholders and ICT providers are leveraging EU IP from over 40 projects so as to create proof of concept Common Communication and navigation platforms for pan-European logistics applications, which will be deployed in 8 living labs representing the principal logistics communities.

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