Port Security

Central to SUPPORT’s goals were a secure and efficient Port operations in the context of sustainable transport that enabled uninterrupted flows of cargo and passengers, as well as the suppression of terror and attacks on high value units, illegal immigration trafficking of drugs, weapons and illicit substances, and large scale or continuous theft and economic black mail. The Big Data challenge was amplified by the need for a solution to both address and scale to over 1200 ports in Europe, with over 6000 ISPS-protected Port Facilities, distributed over 23 states. The complexity was further challenged by the diversity in operational models, political and socio-economic contexts, physical uniqueness and other factors affecting how ports are organised and run.

SUPPORT delivered a Big Data platform and web-based Port Security Management System (PSMS) to assist security professionals in monitoring and developing port security in-line with the ISPS code and other required legislation. PSMS supports PSOs and PFSOs to maintain, evaluate, identify, install or upgrade their security measures, and promote security awareness. The measures take human behaviour into account in a sense that no one should be able to enter or leave a protected area without being noticed. The approach is supported by a complete and detailed set of Security Management Models, as well as the NIEM-M model (National Information Exchange Model-Maritime).