Paperless Freight Transport

For Europe to be able to cope with increasing freight volumes it will be necessary to improve the utilisation of existing transport resources. Taking into account the Freight Logistics Action Plan, launched by the European Commission, the quality and efficiency for the movement of goods, as well as the easy travelling of freight-related information between modes is of paramount importance.


Single access point for administrative procedures in all modes

Specifically e-Freight contributed to the goals of the Freight Transport Logistics Action Plan (2007) and ITS Action Plan (2008) pertaining to the development of:

  • A standard framework for freight information exchange covering all transport modes and all stakeholders.
  • A European Single Transport Document for carriage of goods with all the necessary legislative support, irrespective of mode A Single Window System (single access point) for administrative procedures in all modes.
  • A Single Window System (single access point) for administrative procedures in all modes.
  • Simple, harmonized border crossing procedures for all modes of transport for all EU member states.
  • Simple procedures and the necessary infrastructure for establishing secure and efficient transport corridors between Europe, USA, and Asia.


Pilots & Benefits

  • The e-Freight Framework,  which provides an integrated view of key processes undertaken by the main stakeholders in Freight Transport & Logistics including five UBL standardised messages plus two new ones addressing EU policy.
  • The e-Freight model driven software development Platform using zAppDev.
  • e-Freight applications.
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