Public & PrivateCloud Solutions

Inlecom Cloud Computing projects have addressed all three forms of cloud in one form or another – public clouds, private clouds, and hybrids clouds. Public Cloud engagements essentially equated to work we have done for our clients in making services, applications and storage available to our client’s end users to use. Public cloud providers that Inlecom typically recommend include EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud), IBM Softlayer, Google Appengine and Windows Azure.

In the case of Private Clouds, Inlecom assist our clients with data center architectures and infrastructures that are managed by the client, essentially putting full control of aspects such as scalability, availability, provisioning, monitoring, security and data directly in the control of the client. These private clouds are attractive to many of Inlecom’s clients, particularly where the client’s internal compliance and security imperatives require keeping classes of assets within the client’s firewall.

HybridCloud Solutions

In more recent years, Inlecom has been assisting clients in adopting hybrid approaches, where core and strategic assets/data are directed to private cloud deployments, supported by a percentage of clients’ applications and services in the public cloud. Hybrid approaches provide clients with flexible economies of scale, and elasticity to expand and contract resources and service as needed.

On the basis that the hardware, services, applications and bandwidth costs are incurred by the cloud provider, the opportunities for economies of scale for Inlecom clients that leverage a pay-as-you-use approach can be potentially large. Limitations we have seen, however, include concerns for clients having less control over their data and security, as well as service availability and SLA imperatives. This is why Inlecom typically recommend that our clients adopt either private and/or hybrid clouds.

Case studies

Inlecom’s have over 20 years of Cloud Computing experience, earned through building cloud based solutions and applications for SME and Enterprise year to year.